TileEntry turns access control on its head.  No longer do you need expensive hardware readers on all access points. Simply mount a cost effective Smart Tile for users to scan and gain entry.

The benefits of using TileEntry

  • It provides full integration with your existing Access control systems; Epos or Leisure Management Systems, Turnstiles or Gate Systems
  • It links with your digital and on-site customer experience
  • It’s simple to implement, easy to use, error free & secure
  • It is highly cost effective versus card, QR code or wrist-band access control systems
  • It can be local or cloud based, allowing the database to be managed centrally and accessed by multiple sites
  • It avoids the possibility of card, barcode, pin and QR sharing
  • It reduces hardware cost and maintenance
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • No power required

Access Control Applications:



Distribution & Warehousing

School, Colleges & Universities


Data Centres

Leisure Facilities

Construction Sites

Critical Infrastructure


Registration & Check-in