Smart Tile turns access control and checking-in ‘on-its-head’, making a mobile phone the reader, and the QR code or contactless tag the location identifier. It allows users to unlock doors or register themselves at any location, simply by scanning a Smart Tile with their mobile device.

Our solution provides an inexpensive, easy-to-deploy alternative to traditional card, pin code or QR code-based readers, with no need for power.

By linking the account to an individual mobile phone, Smart Tile stops credential sharing, a problem with all traditional solutions, whilst delivering an easy-to-use customer experience.

The benefits of using Smart Tile

  • It provides a highly secure, full integration with existing access control, Leisure Management Systems, CRMs and Video Management Systems
  • It can accurately record time and location stamps at check-in
  • It links with your digital and on-site user experience
  • It is simple to implement, easy to use, error free & secure
  • It is highly cost-effective versus PIN, card, QR code or RFID access control systems and traditional manual registration systems
  • It is cloud based, allowing the database to be managed centrally and accessed by multiple sites
  • It eradicates security issues associated with credential sharing
  • It reduces hardware cost and maintenance
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • No power is required

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